How-To: Submit a tip and converse using P3 Tips mobile app. 

1. Search P3 Tips in the Apple App Store or Google Play.



2. Create a unique PIN for yourself. It must be at least 4 digits.



3. Remember this code!



4. Tap the arrow to choose your location.



5. Choose your city. (If your city is not listed, please choose Seattle)



6. Tap on the organization you'd like to send your anonymous tip to - like CrimeStoppers.



7. Select the type of crime that you are sending a tip about.



8. Enter the tip information. If it's an emergency, you should be calling 911!



9. Fill out all of the fields that you know: suspect name, phone number, alias, etc. Leave it blank if you do NOT know the answer.



10. Enter any social media accounts of the suspect that you are aware of: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.



11. Type where the incident happened.



12. Crime Stoppers will then notify you about any next steps and confirm that they received your tip.



13. You are finished. If you want to add any additional information or attach any photos or video, you may do so now, then click submit. BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR TIP ID NUMBER which will allow you to collect your reward later.



Once you have a completed your tip do not delete the P3 Tips app from you mobile device. You can go back to the app and review your tip, add more information, answer questions that law enforcement may send to you through the app. All anonymous and without personal or device data collected.